A connected, customisable and secure business card
Without apps

Functions natively without having to download an application

Without contact

Exchange easily, without contact, with a simple gesture

Without pollution

Contribute to the reduction of waste

Always up to date

Thanks to your U-card, your details are always up to date.


Your card is compatible with most smartphones

Fast update

Update your details in one click, fast, easy and efficient.

Your data is safe

Your data is safe on our servers.

Our know-how has enabled us to select the best method for securing your data.

The files concerning the contents of your cards remain confidential: they are not stored on our servers, and if your card is lost, we deactivate it remotely.

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Connected business cards

How does it work ?

U-Cards allow you to personalise and transmit your information without contact.

But all the materials we offer go further and give you the choice to share, via a dedicated web interface, all the information and documents you consider necessary.

At UpMyCard, we believe that you are more important than a number on a piece of paper. that's why we have created your card and above all your dedicated web space.

Different cards, multiple possibilities

Accessories and POS

Do you want to set up advertising at your point of sale? Real marketing action lever, stand out from the rest and develop your brand image by choosing UpMyCard.

We create a digital platform for your brand! Here you can share all the useful information with your contacts and customers.

Thanks to NFC technology, your POS displays become 100% interactive and without contact!

As with everything else, the choice is yours:

  • Counter displays
  • Floor displays
  • Totems
  • Stickers
  • Key ring
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Introductory offer: Free delivery in Metropolitan France.


Savings for you and the planet


of paper business cards printed per day


of paper business cards printed per year


Paper cards are thrown away within a week

The business card 2.0 !

Customised cards to suit your needs

With or without a subscription, the choice is yours.

The Alfa U-Card
50€ HT
Single payment

The standard card, which can be personalised at will via the designer, can be adapted to all your needs.

  • Customised design
  • Lightweight and functional
  • Easy to edit and share profile
  • NFC technology (Near field Communication)
  • Works without a dedicated app on iOS and Android (non-exhaustive list of compatibles)
The U-Card Evolution
90€ HT
Single payment

Elegant, develop your business while displaying a brand image

  • Design laser
  • Metal card
  • Easy to edit and share profile
  • NFC technology (Near field Communication)
  • Works without a dedicated app on iOS and Android (non-exhaustive list of compatibles)
The Ultimate U-Card
150€ HT
Single payment

High-end, proudly share your details with a cutting-edge design

  • Design and laser cutting
  • Metal card, guaranteed effect !
  • Easy to edit and share profile
  • NFC technology (Near field Communication)
  • Works without a dedicated app on iOS and Android (non-exhaustive list of compatibles)

Video tutorials

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Creating a virtual card

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To help you, you will find here the answers to the most frequently asked questions about UpMyCard.

Get in touch with us so that we can accommodate special requests or answer more specific questions or needs, contact us !

Thanks to NFC technology, your business card works like magic. Just like your credit or travel card, hold your card up to an NFC-enabled smartphone to transmit the information programmed into your U-Card. See our page "How does it work ?" for more information

No, it's up to you, you can upload your contacts to your profile page to share more complete information, but you can also have your contact uploaded directly to the phone of the person scanning your card.

All NFC-enabled smartphones are compatible with the U-Card. For those who are not, the presence of a QR Code on some cards will allow you to transmit all your information on most phones.

Find the list of compatible phones here

In accordance with the French Data Protection Act of 2019 and the General Data Protection Regulation, your data is secure and strictly confidential. Hosted in France, your data is subject to French and European data protection regulations. We do not share and/or distribute any of your data with third parties. All data stored on UPMYCARD is used for processing purposes only to improve your experience.

We offer different materials for your cards, PVC cards, metal cards and we are constantly looking for new cards to offer you so that you can find the one that best suits your needs and your image.

Your e-card reflects the information that your business card conveys. You can change it at any time with a single click, and even create several, so you can quickly switch the content of your map depending on the information you want to share. Your active virtual map is what users will see when they scan your map.

Very simply, thanks to the online dashboard included in your U-Carde linked to your account, modify the information of your card with a simple click, fast and easy.

Nothing could be easier... Contact us !

For the launch of UPMYCARD, shipping is free for all deliveries in France. For a delivery outside metropolitan France, please contact us so that we can determine together the shipping rates to your home.

You can find all our materials on our products page.

If you have not found the answer to your question, you can contact us via our contact form which you can find here, and we will be happy to answer you directly.


Managing your business cards has never been easier.

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